Illustrations/ Paintings Illustrations/ Paintings "Granite Landscape" Oil, wood and granite on canvas. (3'8"H X 3'8"W) 153140437 "Maternal Vessel" Oil on canvas (4'4"H X 4'11"W) 153140438 "Caravaggio Reproduction" Latex based paint on canvas. (2'6"H X 3'3"W) 153140435 "Rust" Latex on Canvas (3'H X2'W) 153834024 "Nikki" Acrylic on canvas (1'8"H X 2'W) 153834025 "Sling" Graphite on paper. (6'H X 3'6"W) 153140443 "Architectural Cornice" Graphite illustration on board. (2'8" X 1"10"W) 153140441 "Crown of Thorns" Graphite on paper, photo illustration. (4'H x 3'W) 153140440 "Wood Man" Graphite on paper. (6'H X 3'W) 153140434 "Dog Eat Dog" Graphite on paper. (5'8"H X 3'4"W) 153140439