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Artist Statement



        Art reflects the conditions and emotions of life we experience through image and form. Creating art based on society, political issues and the environment is my true passion. My work complements, imitates and incorporates elements of life, creating meaningful pieces that evoke emotion and purpose. Much of my work is symbolic in nature, with emphasis on materials usage.

        I am drawn to architectural construction vs. deconstruction in the environment and the psychological components behind the scenes. My expertise in scenic art enables me to sculpt, paint and use photography to produce multifaceted pieces. This exploration with a large variety of media allows me to explore diversity in my work. Through my sensitivity to subject matter, I strive to expand the limitations of art by visually confronting issues and bringing consciousness to those we face.

        In the series "Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital", I explore the relationship with the past and present and have researched the changes over time. These pieces capture decomposition of the structures within nature as well as the nature of confinement and debilitation in the institution. 


-Lori Horowitz



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